Every day, we encounter gorgeous views, wonderful scenes and special moments

How better to enjoy this beauty than in the best color possible?

That’s what Kodak Lenses provide your customers - the richest, most vibrant colors imaginable, with fine detail that’s amazingly sharp and crisp. We have defined test methodologies to ensure that our new products fulfil the promise of better color vision. These tests combine real wearer experiences with established color rendering assessments.

Rabin Cone Contrast Test
The Rabin Cone Contrast Test quantifies the severity of color deficiency by measuring the isolated responses of each cone. The test is presented in a dark room with letters visible only to blue, green and red cones. A standard color contrast test conducted in 2014 with Manhattan Vision Associates established that progressive lens wearers performed better in the primary blue, green and red color groups with Kodak Digital Lenses with Anti-Reflection coating versus other standard lenses.*

*A controlled environment test conducting in 2014 at the Manhattan Vision Associates established Subjects were asked to view targets around a room with each progressive lens (PAL) in a double-blind procedure. Targets consisted of rotating color pictures and videos on two TVs at distance of about 3 meters, a grocery shelf with multiple colored food items, and a digital tablet with multiple color images at near. During the test, subjects were changing their gaze from distance to near. Subjects were asked for their lens preference, to rate the strength of their preference and to comment on the reason of their preference. A single-colored letter appears briefly on screen and contrast varies to determine the lowest amount of contrast that a wearer can distinguish. The Rabin Cone Contrast Test has been elected since 2011 by USAF to determine color vision perception in the new pilots and aircrew members selection process.

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