Total Blue Lens

100% protection from direct UV rays and filters up to 80% of harmful blue light

Filtering harmful blue light.

The prevalence of blue-light emitting devices has introduced another level of vision protection.

Technology has made a large impact, not only on how we communicate and keep in touch with the world, but also with the amount of devices and time we spend using them. Kodak Total Blue Lens filters up to 80% of harmful High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light, 100% protection from direct UV rays, protection from glare and reflections caused by digital devices, and artificial light

Colour GuardTM Lens Technology

We're surrounded by blue light from both natural and artificial sources.

Color Guard™ Lens Technology is a proprietary process used in the creation of Kodak Total Blue Lenses. The unique combination of lens material and coating helps protect against harmful HEV blue light and UV rays

A hybrid offering for UV and Blue Light Management


Kodak Total Blue Lens is a unique hybrid of lens materials and coating that provides HEV blue light and UV protection. It starts with a special lens material that is able to absorb 100% of UV rays. A hard coat is applied for scratch resistance, then a special multi-layer blue light protective coating is applied to the front of the lens to help filter up to 80% harmful HEV blue light

Visual comfort over long periods of time.

The filtered light that passes through Kodak Total Blue Lenses into the eye is managed more efficiently, which can help to reduce the symptoms of eye strain and increases wearer comfort over long periods of time. The blue light filter also helps to reduce glare caused by that section of the light spectrum, enabling the eye to better adapt to light conditions and improving visual contrast. Get yours today!

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