PowerUp Lens

With PowerUp Technology, it combats the effects of digital eyestrain by powering up the near vision area of your lens

Busy Life but tired eyes

Power up lenses are specially enhanced for all your screen usage.

Computer, tablet, smartphones – pick a technology of your choice. Most of us would probably chose two, if not all three. According to one study, on average, one would now spend five hours on your mobile device daily. We all know that feeling at the end of the day when our eyes feel tired and dry and just want to turn off everything, shut our eyes and relax. Today's extended hours of close to intermediate work, switching from screen to screen puts a tremendous workload on our eyes, and in many cases beyond what they are able to comfortably cope

Combat Visual Fatigue

Kodak PowerUp Lens is digitally-created. The prescription is applied directly to the lens surface allowing for a greater level of accuracy. Digitally applied image enhancement zones assist with near-focused tasks such as reading or viewing your portable device while helping to combat visual fatigue

Control, block and protect your eyes from high-energy blue light exposure.

Every screen emits harmful blue light.

You can help your eyes by reducing the amount of blue light that reaches them. Blue light is all around us and exposure to High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light is increasing with the use of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. HEV blue light could potentially cause dry eyes and increase visual fatigue. To enhance and complete the protection for your eyes, choose Kodak UVBlue Lens material for that perfect partnership to help filter out HEV blue light while allowing good blue light to pass through

Broad, clear distance vision.

An average person spends five hours or more on digital devices daily.

That's a lot of time for your eyes to adjust to moving images on the screen. Adding in time spent on reading or performing tasks close up, you can see that your eyes are working overtime. Kodak PowerUp Lens offers a large reading area for the near vision and a wide intermediate corridor. It offers distortion free distance area and corridor with individual designs for left and right eyes.

Left Eye

Right Eye

The end to tired eyes!

Everyone deserves the most comfortable vision possible. This is why Kodak PowerUp Lenses are available to everyone – whether you have a prescription or not  – to help reduce eye strain, keep you going and get the most out of your screenlife

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