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Softwear lens

A lens designed for the office type environment

Reduced eye strain

Increased accuracy of intermediate area.

With the Kodak SoftWear Lens design the exact intermediate power is provided for each patient, taking into account their particular screen viewing distance. Only SoftWear Lenses offer this level of customization. In contrast to standard progressives, SoftWear Lenses eliminate the need to tilt your head when using the intermediate zone

Applied Technologies

Kodak SoftWear Lenses incorporate Vision First Design™ into a full backside, task oriented lens. This technology provides lenses with a smooth power progression and excellent binocular balance. On top of that it elevates the level of optical performance by maximizing the clarity in the peripheral areas of the lens and reducing distortion to the lens edge

Traditional Progressive Lens

KODAK SoftWear Lens

Special Curve Control

With the introduction of special curve control within the reading area, Kodak SoftWear Lenses are less bulbous with a reduced plate height resulting in a flatter, more cosmetically pleasing appearance


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