Unique II + Unique II HD Lens

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Have a more comfortable digital viewing experience

KODAK Unique II Lens provides incredible vision at all distances and is specially designed to support prolonged usage of the reading area for viewing mobile devices. Equip your vision with a progressive solution to the modern visual challenges you face.

Proprietary Technology


The highest level of
customization available
in a KODAK Lens

HD stands for 'High-Definition' and includes measurements to more
highly adapt the lens to the individual patient's viewing needs.

  • Wrap Angle

    This refers to how much the frame is bowed.
    For a frame with a large bow, such as a wrapped
    frame, the wearer will notice a significant
    reduction in viewing through the correct prescribed
    power and that optical centres will need to be
    readjusted accordingly

    Pantoscopic Tilt

    Depending on whether the frame sits flat to the
    face or at an angle will determine the necessary
    compensation needed to position the correct
    prescribed powers in front of the eye

  • Back Vertex Distance

    Slight modifications will be needed based on how
    close or far the wearer's eye is to the back of
    the lens surface. A proper vertex distance allows
    the wearer the full benefit of width of the lens

    Monocular PD

    Measurement from the point where the line of sight
    intersects the lens to the center of the bridge of the
    frame. Even if the nose is symmetrical and centered,
    the wearer's eyes may not be equidistant from the
    center line of the nose

Who Is It For?

Those above 40

Product Summary

  • Frame
  • Material
  • Distance
  • Intermediate
  • Near
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