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What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism can cause blurred vision, headaches and eyestrain. It's a common problem that is easily manageable with prescription glasses.

Signs of Astigmatism
Common but mild symptoms of astigmatism are blurred vision, headaches, eyestrain or reading difficulties. You may also notice distorted near and far vision, unclear peripheral vision, inability to distinguish certain shapes and details, inability to see clearly between horizontal and vertical lines.

Managing Astigmatism
If you do not notice a problem yourself, astigmatism will be diagnosed at a routine eye examination. Even with mild symptoms, prescription lenses will help improve your vision significantly, or could help slow the effects of astigmatism. Lenses will be specially designed to compensate for the irregular cornea shape which causes astigmatism. Talk to your eye care professional, who will be able advise you on the various solutions available.