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What is Age Related Long Sightedness?

Age Related Long Sightedness (Presbyopia) affects many of us as we get older. It often first becomes noticeable around the age of 40.

Signs of Presbyopia
Rather than a visual defect, presbyopia is a hardening of the lens of the eye over time. As the lens becomes less elastic, the ability to focus on nearby objects diminishes. It mostly affects the over 40's, and tends to stabilise after the age of 60. You'll notice if you have it because the ability to see close-up objects gets progressively worse.

Managing Presbyopia
Reading glasses, bifocals, varifocals or lens implants may be needed. A chat with your optician will help you to find the right lens, depending on your lifestyle and severity of the condition, this may be simple reading glasses, mid-distance lenses or progressive lenses for a more optimum solution.