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Times are changing, so are viewing habits

KODAK Unique II Lens provides incredible vision at all distances and is specially designed to support prolonged viewing in the reading area so commonly used for mobile devices.


Near Vision Highly Defined
New technology in Kodak Unique II Lens reinforces and elevates the reading area, allowing for more comfortable near viewing for longer periods of

Distance Vision Highly Defined
Whether viewing panoramic views in nature or navigating city streets, Kodak Unique II HD Lens provides a clear, wide distance viewing area.

Intermediate Vision Highly Defined
Experience a smooth transition through the viewing corridor in Kodak Unique II HD Lens. Intermediate viewing is easy.

Advanced Technologies
Dynamic Reading Optimization™ improves near distance viewing to overcome the demands of today’s modern digital lifestyle on your vision. The reading zone is maximized for prolonged viewing, delivering a clear and comfortable
near-vision experience.

Vision First Design™ Technology calculates every optical curve within your eye to ensure a smooth gradation of power throughout the lens.
i-Sync™ Technology elevates the level of optical performance by maximizing clarity in the peripheral areas of the lens, reducing distortion.