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Custom-made for your lifestyle and frame

The ‘HD’ in KODAK Unique HD Lens stands for ‘High-Definition’. Just as high definition attributes are desirable in your television, you deserve high-defnition technology in your eyewear.

The Kodak Unique HD Lens is fitted specifically for you. Additional, specialized measurements are taken once you select your frame in order to provide you with a superior visual experience. The tilt of the frame, and the angle of the frame to your face, are considered. The distance from your eye to the eyeglass lens, as well as the amount that the frame wraps around your face, are also taken into account. The result is an amazing visual experience that simply cannot be replicated in a traditional lens.


A Frame of Your Choice
In the past, you may have been told that frames that wrap around the face are off-limits with a progressive lens.Now, because the Kodak Unique HD Lens incorporates additional measurements to create a highly customized lens, you can have a wrap frame or almost any type of frame of your choosing.

The specialized measurements are incorporated so that the design of each Kodak Unique HD Lens actually changes to accommodate your frame and your visual needs. The result is individualized lenses that provide optimal visual acuity throughout every part of the lens, including the edges. And because the lens is so highly customized for you, adjusting to it is quick and easy, without any of the visual discomfort of traditional progressive lenses.