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A digital lens designed for the office type environment

KODAK SoftWear Lens is an advanced digital progressive designed especially for use in the workplace. If you’re tired of the frustration of changing from one pair of glasses to another, the KODAK SoftWear Lens is the solution.


Created just for you
Kodak SoftWear Lens is the perfect choice if your work or hobbies require constant viewing of items close up and 4.5 to 9.0 meters away. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach found with other occupational lenses, SoftWear Lens is customized specifically for your visual needs. Your eyecare professional can incorporate custom measurements of the distance from the lens to your computer screen or other work device. The information is used to calculate the exact powers required to provide you with a more comfortable working experience.

Extra Protection
When the Kodak SoftWear Lens is coupled with Kodak BluProtect Lens Coating or Kodak UVBlue Lens, it provides outstanding protection against the harmful light given off by electronic devices. This combination results in extraordinary comfort and maximum protection for your eyes.