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2 Brands – Great Performance

Combine the superior optical performance of KODAK Lenses, with the Number 1 photochromic lenses recommended worldwide, Transitions® Lenses, to enhance your eyewear’s functionality.

What makes them better?
When Transitions® Lenses are exposed to UV light, trillions of photochromic moelcules in the lens begin to change structure. This reaction is what causes the lenses to darken. Only Transitions® Signature Lenses use exclusive Chromea7™ Technology, a new formulation that allows the lenses to be more responsive than ever before. This exclusive, patented formulation consists of unique dyes that are integrated into the surface of the lens.

Sunglass dark when exposed to direct sunlight
Active outdoor lifestyles require vision protection. If you experience eye strain or find yourself squinting in outdoor lighting, Transitions® Lenses are the ideal solution. The lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions outdoors, getting fully dark when the sun's UV rays are at their peak.

Transitions® Signature Lenses are more responsive to direct and indirect sunlight. That means that they get darker in various sunny situations, when you’re facing away from the sun, in reflected light, at different locations and at different times of day. You won’t notice the change of tint, but you’ll notice the great image definition and how true colours look. And when you go inside they fade back to clear quickly. So no matter where you are, you will enjoy the enhanced vision experience.